Transformative Architecture & Urban Development

Our Office

graadwies develops and realizes projects almost exclusively with a social, ecological or cultural background in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin and Brussels since 2017. It is constantly searching for innovation in all areas of daily life. The then newly gained knowledge flows directly into planning and enriches project’s goals.

By changing perspectives and cross-innovative work, we keep a differentiated view on our projects. In many cases, we work participatively with large groups to form the environmental basis that is to be built. We consciously try to allow the effect of serendipity in our planning processes. This creates architecture that proves its quality in the interaction of people, the environment and time. It is characterized by the reduction to the essential components of material, proportion and light. Based on analyzes and abstraction, innovations are created from traditional foundations as impulses for the future.

Architecture as a built environment is people's natural habitat. Our goal is always to include all influences synchronously in the planning process. The result is an integrative architecture that is permanent and equally takes people and the environment into account.

graadwies pursues the principle of constantly questioning one's own way of working and thinking. The focus of the work is not a dogmatic principle, rather it is about developing new project-related ways and making the best decisions depending on the situation.

We are an interdisciplinary team of architects, a spatial strategist and an industrial designer. In addition to our passion for architecture and space, we do not forget to live consciously and to enjoy every day. From this we draw inspiration and energy to design innovative projects. For us it is important to experience the environment with all senses and to try oneself again and again. In addition to our work as designers, we are increasingly committed to climate protection and social change.

The name graadwies comes from Low German and stands for well-considered, self-reflective and attentive action.



  • Florian Michaelis  Dipl. Ing. Architect
  • Lorenz Wittkugel  M.Sc. Architecture
  • Leonie Kliemann  M.A. Architecture
  • Hannes Voß  M.Sc. Architect
  • Swantje Porath  B.A. Industrial Design
  • Maria Gerbaulet  B.A. Interior Design
  • Jonas Glücklich  M.Sc. Architecture
  • Marvin Bratke  Dipl.Ing Architect
  • Paul Clemens Bart  Dipl.Ing Architect M.Arch AA Architect