Transformative Architecture & Urban Development

Lectures/ Conferences & Workshops

Florian Michaelis has been involved with graadwies in teaching since 2017, for example in cooperation with the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences or through lectures at the Muthesius Art University in Kiel, the University of Flensburg and the TH Lübeck. He gives lectures at professional events on innovations regarding sustainability in architecture and urban development as well as work reports on his own projects and perspectives. These formats allow space to discuss and reflect, which has a special interaction with his and his team’s way of working on a daily basis.
2020 Sustainability aspects of wood constructtion- an impulse Institute of Building Engineering FH Kiel
2020 Future.Lab - How will we build in the future? Hermann Ehlers Academy
2020 Opening Speech HES Student Residence Kiel
2019 Class for Design of Transformation Europa Universität Flensburg
2019 City in the Present and the Future City of Flensburg
2018 Atelier Talks TH Lübeck
2018 Kompass FreeRiga
2018 MUTUR 99 Annual Reception ALTE MU Kiel
2018 Semester Cooperation New Rooms Alte MU Faculty of Design FH Potsdam
2017 Symposium Urban Construction with wood Eckwerk Berlin
2017 Alternative Urban Development Tel Aviv Cities Summit