Transformative Architecture & Urban Development


Concept, homeless shelters

The Archihuman project is based on an idea that was developed in collaboration with the architect Luc Schuiten and is aiming to reintegrate homeless people into society.

For this purpose, small apartments are to be installed on inner-city wasteland and fire walls, which are then available to the homeless.

Project cost je Gebäude 300.000-500.000 €
GFA 110 m2
Period 01/2014 – 12/2020

Project consulting in ​​service phases 1-5 and concept development

The strength of architecture in its construction and urban upgrading by filling an empty space improves urban structure and creates a new sense of value. The homeless is no longer seen as an inferior member and a lost part of our society, but is given the status of a Diogenes, who sends new philosophies and impulses to society through reduction and reflection on what is essential.

Reintegration into society is easier with a permanent address and accessibility. This is the subject of a non-profit organization that manages the administration and takes care of the homeless. To look after the homeless, the United States' Housing First concept is used as a model.

In this project, architecture is used as a means of designing social living space and enhancing the urban landscape. The requirements for size, shape and material are determined depending on the situation. This variability creates individual designs that contribute to identification with the building. The basis of this architecture builds through different ecological constructions and materials that give the chosen topic particular weight and recognition. Therefore, the actual design task firstly consisted of the development and organization of a holistic concept.

The concept developed within a multidisciplinary structure that has been very popular since 2018. Various projects are now being implemented in Belgium and France.