Transformative Architecture & Urban Development


Renovation and expansion, industry

The organic farm has been used in such a way since 1985 and since 1990, dairy products and meat have been sold through their own store. In order to be able to offer a more diverse range of products and to strengthen direct marketing, dairy production is to be expanded. The goal is first the production of soft cheese and in the long term also the production of sliced ​​cheese.

Project cost 260.000€ plus personal contribution 60,000 €
GFA 137 m2
Period 02/2018 – 08/2018

Renovation and expansion, management of service phases 1-8 according to HOAI (2013 version)

Different priorities were set in the development and implementation of this project and the expansion had to be carried out while ongoing operation. It was one of the main goals to use as much ecological building materials as possible and part of the work was done through personal contribution.

Under these conditions, it was possible to realize a project that met both, the financial requirements and the ecological and social requirements of the client. That way, we were able to create production rooms in the smallest spaces that meet the most modern requirements in terms of hygiene and workplace quality. For example, natural light of the production rooms and a view into the barn was important. In terms of design, emphasis was placed on simplicity and optimized construction. The focus here is on the functionality, ecology and economy of the overall work.

The construction work was carried out in two phases, which made it possible to completely renovate the existing rooms in order to create sufficient space for the production rooms. In the concept, the possibility of further enlargement without having to change locations was included. That way, long-term benefits through the production on farm and the short distances between milking and production can be utilized.

With this project it was particularly important to us to support the local sustainable production of groceries. The organic farm promotes ecological, regional and fair agriculture with the aim of keeping the animal as species-appropriate as possible. This means that all animals go to the fields in summer, that calves are allowed to stay with their mums, that horn-bearing cattle are raised and that gradually all bull calves are raised on farm.

The goal is to promote awareness for high-quality groceries and exchange between consumers and producers in order to offer high quality food.