Transformative Architecture & Urban Development

Innovationswerft Kiel

Concept, center for creative living

The southern end of the fjord, the Kieler Hörn, has functioned as a port and shipyard with the accompanying industry since the settlement. Even after the two world wars, port and shipyard industries held their ground on the east bank.

The innovative project “Kai-City Kiel - Arbeiten und Wohnen am Wasser” (“Kai-City Kiel - Working and Living by the Water”) is planned to be 5 to 10 minutes by foot from the central station or Vineta Square.

To date, only a small part of the area has been built on and the plan for the remaining areas is in progress. It is anticipated that within the next few years there will be spacious living areas right by the water and that the connection to the district Gaarden will improve.

Based on that, a center for creativity with affordable living space for all ages is planned on the property at Werftstrasse/ Gablenzstrasse.

Project cost
GFA m2
Period 03/2012 – 08/2012

Diploma thesis, final grade 1.3 at Leibniz University Hanover, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape, Prof. Hilde Leon, Prof. Michael Schuhmacher.

The concept of the Innovationswerft is to expand the creative office community by an exhibition area for latest projects and events. Here, in particular, students are offered an affordable opportunity to live close to the city center and the water. That way, young people can also become part of the new KaiCity and liven up the neighborhood.

In order to support entrepreneurs, it is part of the Innovationswerft’s concept to provide funded and therefore affordable start-up spaces. These spaces could be financed through catering, events and larger companies already located in the Innovationswerft.

On the northern end, an office building with a media library and Eat & Read concept is planned.