Transformative Architecture & Urban Development

Wohnen +

Concept, barrier-free residence

The feasibility study is intended to give a recommendation regarding the barrier-free usage in two listed houses in Brunsbüttel, Scholerstraße 3-5. The planned project is in connection to the neighbouring project Wohnen +. The study is an example for how the architectural bridge between new buildings and renovations in the listed buildings of the Beamtenviertel may be realized in the future. In addition to the renovation of the listed building, an annex is planned.

Project cost 6,1 Mio. €
GFA 3000 m2
Period 10/2019 – 04/2020

Feasibility study for residential use of listed buildings in Brunsbüttel in cooperation with the neighbouring residential project Wohnen +

The “Hofhaus” is a design reference to the existing buildings. The modern counterpart to the old “Beamtenhaus” type is subtly withdrawn and quotes the typical design elements of the Beamtenviertel. The urban setting creates a green, semi-public courtyard between the new and old building as a zone for activity and community. The pergola becomes a connecting element.

The asymmetrical gable of the mansard roof slopes towards the existing building. The eave on the courtyard side falls to the level of the upper edge of the first floor to respect the proportions of the existing building. The eave is connected to the west side and, despite the sloping roof, allows usable living space and light up to the top floor.

Based on the existing structure, for the facade, a light reddish facade brick on a substructure was selected. This also expands over parts of the new roof and thus forms a compact, modern structure. The bay windows to the west are highlighted by vertical wooden slats and organize the otherwise rather discreet structure. 

The new building is realized with a high energy standard, which is easy to attain through the choice of building materials (poroton and wood) and enable simple, low-thermal bridge construction. The existing listed buildings are being renovated in order to improve operating costs.

Overall, a holistic, energetic cluster of listed buildings, the new “Hofhaus” building and the existing building at Posadowskystraße 4 shall be formed. According to the operators of the Wohnen + project, there are increased operating costs in the Posadowskystraße 4 because of ​​the pellet heating. A photovoltaic system for decentralized power supply is planned as well.

The new building is designed in a mixed construction of solid construction with poroton bricks and a wooden frame or solid construction. This enables a high degree of prefabrication and simple implementation of the cubature. The ground floor and first floor are built in solid construction, the following floors are wooden. This saves additional weight to relieve the foundation and at the same time enables an ecological construction.