Single-story bungalow in solid wood construction

The design of the bungalow involves infilling a residential plot. The construction method takes into account the narrow access routes due to existing buildings and utilizes point foundations to accommodate the marshy ground. This approach also minimizes the need for extensive earthworks. The bungalow is planned using the Holz100 construction system, which employs mechanical wood connections in the wall structure to establish the foundations for circular wood construction. Additionally, this allows for a significant portion of the construction to be prefabricated. With generous interior lighting, a centrally located conservatory, and a surrounding terrace in the outdoor space, the bungalow offers high-quality living conditions.

Project costs:

380,000 €


120 m²

Projekt duration:

04/2021 – 12/2021


Phases 1-4 [Establishing the basis of the project, Preliminary design, Final design, Building permission application]