We proceed thoughtfully, reflectively, and mindfully.  

Our vision is to initiate a sustainable transformation. Together with our clients, we, as a company and as individuals, take responsibility with the aim of contributing to the common good. Construction has significant impacts on our environment. Therefore, it is even more important to approach it with sensitivity and develop new solutions. We challenge entrenched habits, seemingly unchanging rules, and outdated concepts - in short, the status quo. This also includes continually reflecting on our own working and thinking methods.

Content before status.

Our starting point is always the consideration of what spaces can achieve for people and local communities. For each project, new paths are developed, but the goal is always the same: to find a sustainable solution that endures and equally considers both human beings and the environment. During development and planning, the future users take precedence, while during implementation, the economic conditions of our clients are prioritized. Based on this foundation, we strive to use natural, renewable, and recyclable materials, and together with trades and specialists, we aim to design the entire construction process in a resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. Therefore, we gladly offer all planning services from a single source.

Cooperation instead of competition.

We ensure the quality of our projects through cooperation and transparency in all phases of performance. Participation formats such as workshops or design processes allow us to actively incorporate different needs and positions into our planning. This forms the basis for socially inclusive spaces and sustainable uses.

Beyond the boundaries of our office, we are convinced that close professional exchange is crucial to solving complex tasks in a sustainable manner. Therefore, we are part of a Europe-wide network of experts in the fields of research and innovation in timber construction, community-oriented urban development, and bottom-up projects. Our collaborative projects include the development of the circular construction system BetaPort and the research and design of mobile, sustainable, and socially inclusive neighborhoods in the BetaHood project. Furthermore, we share our knowledge and experiences through various formats and are interested in deepening the exchange with students and fostering cooperation with universities. 

Value before profit.

In order to create societal value through our work, our organizational structure and interactions are based on clearly defined values.

As a community-oriented company, our goal is not to maximize profits. In alignment with the principles of the common good economy, we take responsibility for nature, humanity, and community. Through internal workshops, we collaboratively develop office structures that prioritize purpose and people. Currently, we are in the process of developing a transparent salary model, for instance.

Motivation instead of apathy.

We categorize our projects within a value compass that is continuously evolving within the team. This classification facilitates transparent communication within the team regarding the selection of projects we take on. This way, we can identify with our projects and work with intrinsic motivation.

Responsibility before hierarchy.

Our horizontal structures facilitate a respectful and supportive exchange on an equal footing. Treating everyone equally is essential for us, allowing each team member to contribute and take responsibility. Currently, graadwies is undergoing a transformation process from an owner-led architectural office to one of the first planning firms established as a responsible ownership company.