Of course, we create architecture.

But we question the status quo and continuously expand the range of services within our interdisciplinary team. For public, commercial, and private clients, we offer the following services: 

Planning ︎

Coordination and Controlling ︎

Partycipatory processes for increased involvement ︎

We share our knowledge.

For transformation and new impulses in the construction industry, we rely on research and networking.

Consulting & Lectures ︎

Research ︎

We collectively decide how we want to work and continuously evolve this practice in collaboration with each other.

We are a team from various fields of architecture, design, and project development. It is a common concern for everyone on the team to work value-oriented.


1. Place sustainability award of the city. Kiel 2019


Day of Architecture and Civil Engineering 2023 by the Chamber of Architects and Engineers Schleswig-Holstein.

In cooperation with Beta Port Systems:

Arch Daily – Best New Practice 2023

Design Educates Award – Winner of the Year 2022 – Universal Design.

Winner ReBau Award – Outstanding Innovation in the Construction Industry.

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