Neighborhood development

Urban production
Participatory urban production and workplace facilities

The industrial hall located along the Veloroute 10 in Kiel serves as a catalyst for a neighborhood in Kiel. The goal of this pilot project is to bring about sustainable changes in cities and create diverse, inclusive spaces that promote community. To achieve this, space systems that allow for flexible uses are employed. These space systems are intended to be realized using modular construction methods, circular planning approaches, and sustainable, recyclable materials. The expansion of the hall transforms it into a material depot that can quickly adapt to various functional requirements and levels of utilization. This way, these spaces as production and workplace facilities offer future-oriented potential, bringing together people from the neighborhood and the region.

In collaboration with the Kiel Economic Development Agency (KiWi) and Urban Beta. 

Depictions: graadwies, Urban Beta.

Projekt costs:

11.5 Mio€


4,500 m²

Project duration:

08/2020 – 12/2020


Feasibility study, project development, Phases 1-2 [Establishing the basis of the project, Preliminary design], Phase 4 [Building permission application]