Office building

Prefabricated three-story solid wood construction

The building spans over three floors and houses office, seminar, and conference spaces. A stair tower, attached to the side of the building, provides access to all floors. The sustainable solid wood construction is topped with a green roof and rooftop terrace, blending seamlessly with the existing tree canopy. Extensive planning and prefabrication of the solid wood elements allowed for a quick on-site assembly. Additionally, the solid wood walls contribute to a warm atmosphere in the interior.

For the design of the building by MRTNSN office, we took on parts of the execution planning and construction management.

Fotos: MRTNSN (Sönke Martensen)

Project costs:



515 m²

Project duration:

10/2019 – 05/2020


Project development, Phase 5 [Execution drawings], Phase 8
[Project supervision]