Ideas workshop

ALTE MU Model for participatory, transparent, and co-creative neighborhood development

To shape and envision the future of ALTE MU, an ideas workshop was held in late 2021 with three invited architectural firms. The innovative concept of the idea workshop aimed for maximum public participation to consider societal and user-oriented requirements for the space in transparent processes, while avoiding investor-driven development. This approach aimed to foster public understanding of otherwise specialized planning processes. During the colloquium, the architectural firms had the opportunity to get to know ALTE MU and its community, and present their understanding of the task. Four weeks later, the firms presented their concepts. During this time, the public had the chance to comment on the designs, engage in discussions, ask questions, and voice their preferences through various workshops with the architects.

After a revision period, the final designs were submitted for evaluation and assessment by a pre-examination team. Subsequently, a jury conducted a final evaluation of the designs in a closed session excluding the architectural firms. The idea workshop comprised three public, full-day events and the pre-examination of the designs, all conducted based on clear principles and guidelines (including requirements for social housing support). The process was based on a multiple commissioning with equal compensation as its procedural foundation.

Cooperation with Urbane Impulse GmbH

Feasibility study funded by the Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas, and Integration of the State of Schleswig-Holstein 

Photos: Daniela Meise

Project costs:

ca. 100,000 €

Project duration:

01/2018 – 11/2021


Concept and methodology development