L008. Neighbourhood development

Climate-friendly, socially equitable neighborhood for living and working.

Since 2013, the creative center ALTE MU has been in interim use by an engaged creative community. The pilot project ALTE MU realizes a forward-looking and uniquely innovative model neighborhood in Northern Germany by integrating the living, working, and cultural spheres. The emerging open space with various publicly accessible workshops, studios, workspaces, and participatory workshops provides a space for creators, creative work, participation, equal opportunities, and socially equitable living in the neighborhood. The ALTE MU project makes a significant contribution to the common good and user-based urban design, aiming to realize the vision of a creative village in the city.

Through a collaborative design process with the architecture office deadline, a concept was developed in a workshop format, envisioning a combination of substantial parts of the existing structures with new construction. In the subsequent process, we formed a joint venture with deadline to plan the new construction and renovation of the existing buildings based on this foundation.

Collaboration with ALTE MU Impuls-Werk e.V.

Project costs:

30 Mio €


11,000 m²

Project duration:

01/2016 – 01/2025


Project development and preliminary design, Building permission application, Preparation for the workshop procedure.