Residential study for historic preservation

Living +Barrier-free residential use of historic buildings
The study presents a proposal for dealing with new construction and renovations in the listed context of the Civil Servants' Quarter in Brunsbüttel.
The new building is aesthetically connected to the existing structure. As a modern counterpart to the old civil servant housing type, the typical design elements of the Civil Servants' Quarter are cited selectively. The ground floor and the first floor are constructed using solid construction, while the subsequent floors are built using wood construction. The roof shape allows for a significant amount of usable living space and good natural lighting. The facade bricks echo the color scheme of the existing buildings. The bay windows are accentuated by vertical wooden slats, providing articulation to the compact volume.
The combination of Poroton bricks and wood as building materials allows for an ecological construction method with a high energy efficiency standard. The relatively lightweight construction reduces the load on the foundation in the soft marshy soil.

Project costs:

6.1 million €


3,000 m²

Project duration:

10/2019 – 04/2020


Feasibility study related to an adjacent residential project