Circular building system

Adaptive, circular building system

To meet the requirements of circular construction, our partner office Urban Beta has developed the adaptive, circular building system BetaPort. We support its technical and planning execution in collaboration with other partners. All components of the BetaPort are circular and can be assembled, disassembled, and modified flexibly at various locations. Especially in urban areas, the ability to respond to changes through densification and the use of temporarily available spaces is becoming increasingly important. Adaptive building systems are playing an ever more significant role as they can be quickly realized on-site using digital planning and prefabrication methods and can be easily modified afterward. This enables adaptable and dynamic architectures that place users at the center and integrate them into the planning process. The first BetaPort system, known as BetaPort One, was realized as a single-story pop-up pavilion for the Greentech Festival 2021.

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since 01/2021


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