Neighborhood development

Social and inclusive neighborhood development

To address housing shortages and promote the integration of marginalized social groups, inner-city wastelands are being revitalized as untapped potential areas. The urban redevelopment of the former vacant spaces through high-quality, individual architecture creates a new sense of value for the location and forms the basis for future neighborhood development. Small apartments are to be installed on vacant lots and on blank walls. The requirements for size, shape, and materials are determined on a case-by-case basis using ecological construction methods. Individual designs contribute to the sense of identification with the building.

The project idea was developed in collaboration with the architect Luc Schuiten and further refined into a holistic concept within a multidisciplinary network.

The implementation of various projects is now being considered in Belgium and France.

In cooperation with Luc Schuiten.

Illustration: Luc Schuiten.

Project costs:

Each building 300,000-500,000 €


110 m²

Project duration:

01/2014 – 12/2020


Consulting services for phases 1-5 in project development